1. MCB Mini Circuit Breaker JHB7 Series

            JHB7 series miniature circuit breakers are mainly used for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage to 400V, rated current to 63A, rated short-circuit breaking capacity not more than 10000A, and also have overload and shortcircuit protection for lines used in household or similar places, which are used as distribution lines with infrequent line conversion under normal conditions.

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            1.Full specifications breaking capacity
            The breaking capacity of the whole series can reach 10kA, and the cooling effect is good, meeting the higher breaking performance requirements of users.
            2.Smooth arc path & Arc starting design
            The bypass arc striking is smooth, and the arc extinguishing cover adopts 13 arc extinguishing grids. Innovating the design of arc extinguishing chamber to realize the zero flying arc.
            3.Complete functions and high plasticity
            It can assemble the leakage protection function to meet the needs of different customers in the market.
            4.Strong adaptability to environment
            It can adapt to the temperature range of -35t~+70T, and the product can operate stably in high altitude, large temperature difference and other harsh environments.

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